Sunday, 3 November 2013

Weekend mani #11

This mani is a bit different this week as it is the weekend of my chums hen night and hence the weekend I dress up as the cheshire cat!

 I posted about my clothes and accessories here, although there were a few slight changes.  Instead of a feather boa, I used two pink magic scarves and a purple one too, similar to these.  One of the pink ones acted as a belt and the other two were twisted together to give a striped effect.  Much more 'furry' than the boa and much less shedding too! I got them from the pound shop and I can use them again over winter, although Honey has kinda claimed the purple one! 

I also got some bright pink tights to wear along with the stripey socks. It's gotten very cold in Aberdeen this weekend.

Without further ado, onto the nails! I started off with a base of OPI nail envy matte and then used two coats of OPI Strawberry Margarita.  I have not taken that many pics of this as I have previously posted about my love of this colour here and here

Once they had dried thoroughly, I got some scotch tape and placed it on some greaseproof paper.  This is something new I have discovered and makes cutting out strips or shapes from the tape ALOT easier.  I then applied the strips of tape to my hand a few times before applying them to the nails.  

I then popped OPI Plum and Get it over the top, which is a lovely, shiny purple.  I was running quite late by this point and so only ended up doing two fingers on each hand like this as I didn't want to take the time to do them all and probably end up mucking them up or smudging them.  And that was it, I didn't bother with top coat as they were coming off the next day and I didn't want to risk smudging the lines.  

I made my own Cheshire cat mask, I even made the stick to attach to the mask completely from scratch.  I traced the smile onto some paper, coloured it in and then attached to some card with PVA glue to make it a bit more sturdy.  I was super chuffed with this little bit of DIY! Easily amused, moi?

This picture was taken before I applied my base, so apologies for any offensive porey bits! I was in a bit of a rush by this stage so couldn't go for the super dramatic cat eye that I was planning but this was effective enough.  I used Barry M Liquid eyeliner in 'Black', Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo in 'Painted Purple', Collection Glam Crystals in 'Dancing Queen' (pink) and 'Shake it Up' (purple) and Maybelline 'The Rocket' waterproof mascara in 'Black'.  I think I put something in the crease too from the 'Heaven and Earth' MUA palette, pics here.

Lips were one of my new LimeCrime babies, which I will review soon, called Centrifuschia.  A blue toned pink that gave an impressive hit of colour.

The base was just my usual foundation with a hint of Hoola bronzer, my Mary-Lou miniser highlighter (review soon!) and my bourjois blush.  I kept it all quite minimal as the eye make-up and lips were enough to be getting on with! 

I was the only Cheshire Cat out and had a great night with the girls! And no hangover either! Yay!

What do you think of fancy dress?

Did you dress up for Halloween?