Monday, 25 November 2013

Cuticura, caring for your hands and health

As it is Monday *sigh*, the nail polish came off last night, okay this morning on the walk to work and my hands are now requiring a bit of TLC for the working week.  

I spend 70% of my day gelling my hands with the bog standard, 'is it just vodka?' hospital hand gel and it can really take it's toll on my hands.  Especially now the temperatures have definitely dipped here. 
 Sidenote:  One day, I will do a post where I DON'T mention the day!

This is where this handy little chap comes in...

Cuticura have been a brand I've known of for years.  It is one of those brands that are just 'there' like Atrixo or Pond's.  It's almost like, they do what they do and get on with it.  The fact that the company has been around for years and years without spending a bundle on flash adverts and celebrity endorsements, shows that their products must be doing something right!

The scent I have is 'Passion Flower and Mango' which is definitely a lot nicer than the plain stuff and makes me less fearful that my patients will think I have been drinking on the job!  It is a nice, fresh fragrance and the gel itself dries in really quickly, great if I need to put gloves straight on.  

It claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria, which again is great for this time of year in particular.  I have had my flu jab but that doesn't protect you from everything and so such anti-bacterial claims are very welcome.

It doesn't leave my hands feeling dry and tight either.

This comes in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml.  I like the 50ml for my uniform pocket, it fits perfectly.

They have a great range of products, more than I realised and I'm intrigued by their hand serums and the black pepper and pomegranate handwash sounds lovely for winter washing!

You can pick these up in Boots and Superdrug and they are only about £2 for the 100ml.  Alternatively, you could order it online with your grocery shopping if you shop at Tesco, here.

Have you tried Cuticura products before?

Do you carry hand sanitisers around or is that a bit OCD for you?