Sunday, 24 November 2013

Weekend mani #14

This weekend I am all about the O.P.I again although not with my usual enthusiasm.  Let me explain...

Here we have O.P.I 'Your Royal Shine-ness' with 'More Than A Glimmer' on the accent nails.

'More Than A Glimmer' (MTAG) is part of O.P.I's 'Pink of Hearts' duo which they release every year with the aim of raising money for various Breast Cancer charities.  The other part of the duo is 'Pink-ing of You', which is a pink creme.  The pack also comes with Pink Ribbon decals and some stick on gems too.  

From what I can gather, only a small percentage of the pack price will be given to charity (£2) if bought from Lenawhite, here, £18.80 and there is no mention of a charitable donation on Amazon, here, but it is cheaper at £14.99 with free super saver delivery.  One other bit of imformation that I cannot seem to find out, is if O.P.I cap their donations in the way that Nails Inc. and Real Techniques did.  Nails Inc. were only donating a maximum of £2500 from sales of their 'Pinkie Pink' polishes and Real Techniques were donating a maximum of $2500 from the purchase of their pink brushes.  I find this a bit cheeky as they really encourage people to buy their products for a good cause, when in reality only a small amount is going to the charity!
I should point out, they offered donations for certain tweets but again, that was also only up to a certain amount.  

Back to the nails...

'Your Royal Shine-ness' (YRS) is a fabulous sparkling silver.  This, to me is what a silver nail polish should be.  This polish is almost like a multi-faceted silver foil.  Perfect for christmas!! It goes on easily, two coats and your done, same old O.P.I pro-wide brush so application can be done quickly.  
This was part of a duo too, one of the Serena Williams 'Grand Slam' Collection.  This came with 'Servin' Up Sparkle' which is an awesome holo silver glitter fest! You can see it in action, here.

I then decided to matte it up a little.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the glitter.  I had got the impression that it was a matte, pastel glitter however the glitter was in a sheer pink matte base.  So the pink was the pastel part.  I almost felt like this was unneccesary since it's accompanied by 'Pink-ing of You'.  The pink to the base almost seems like it would limit which colours you could put the glitter over.  

I liked my idea of pastel glitters in a clear matte base better.

I like 'YRS' mattefied like this, it gives it a bit of an edge and almost makes it seem more of a pewter.  I like it a lot.  One day I would love to try this as a reverse mani with black or purple or navy or...

Thats that then, I'm off to practice my taping skills!

Have you tried any of the O.P.I. Pink of Hearts duo packs?

How do you feel about matte manis?