Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Max factor Wild Shadow Eyeshadow Pencil

On one of my trips to Boots last month, I finally bought one of these Max Factor Wild Shadow Eyeshadow Pencils, in the shade Vicious Moss (15).  

Everytime I went near a Max Factor display, I couldn't resist swatching these, I loved how cool the gel formula felt and really wanted to try it for myself.  

The shade I went for was a shimmery olive colour, it seemed to be the 'tamest' of the wild bunch, that would go with my green eyes. There are 8 shades available ranging from a bright, lime green to a frosty silver to a sapphire blue.  No purples though!

It's in a handy pencil form which is great for just adding a wash of colour to the eye in a jiffy.  The formula is nice and soft and so glides on with little drag.  The pencil is a tad chunky for doing any sort of precision eyeliner work in my opinion.

The colour was more shimmery on the skin that it looked on the pencil but it was pretty well pigmented.

It blended out fairly easily too, which is possibly more of a benefit for the more vibrant colours but again, the gel-like formula makes blending a relatively easy and pain-free experience. The formula is easily buildable to, I managed to build up the colour at the crease with no patchy problems.

On the eye lid itself, it does appear slightly lighter and more shimmery than when swatched on the back of the hand but the subtle wash of colour is quite easy to wear.  The formula lasts for ages, I pretty much went all day at work and it was still on my lids at 5pm.  It had worn down slightly and lost some of it's shimmer, which was fine with me! 

All in all, I like this product a fair bit although I would like it more with less shimmer.  I'm contemplating a few more shades from the range though - caramel rage, I'm looking at you! For a quick, easy and cooling eye look, these are definite winners in my book!

Have you tried any eyeshadow pencils?

Do you prefer shimmer or matte eyeshadows?