Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Argh! I got me some Lime crime!

**This is quite a long post with many pictures! Just an FYI**

A few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to order myself a few Lime Crime lipsticks.  I had put it off for so long as I don't wear lippie that much and they are relatively expensive but the lure of the unicorn proved too strong and I bit the bullet *pun totally intended*.

I ordered directly from the website, here and they arrived all the way from the US in about 8 days, not bad!

First off, the packaging!  Even the box was super colourful and really cute.  The lipsticks themselves were well wrapped in lilac and lime green tissue paper.

Even the invoice was lilac!! Also included was a Lime Crime badge, which was a nice touch.

Here is the sole reason for me doin' the deed and purchasing these badboys - HOLOGRAPHIC UNICORNS!!!!! Amazing, although I'm getting totally OCD about having them lining up now. 

The three shades I bought were, 'Babette', 'Geradium' and 'Centrifuschia'. Each one of these cost $16.50, I think (the website is currently down so can't check but they certainly were not more than this).

I had originally ordered 'Great Pink Planet' but then discovered I had meant to order 'Centrifuschia', I sent off an email to their customer services as soon as I had realised my mistake and I got a reply within 24 hours to let me know my order had been changed! Big points to Lime Crime's customer service dept. for that! 

Poor 'Babette' arrived ever so slightly scuffed but she had travelled quite a distance so I let her off.

Nude usually isn't ma thang as my lips are naturally quite pigmented and with my pale skin, I'm aware I can look quite 'moon-faced' if my make-up doesn't bring out my features.

'Babette' isn't like all the other nudes out there though, she is an apricot based nude and so brings a bit of warmth to the features without making teeth look too yellow.  I wore this with a daytime smokey eye but I think I would love to try it with a full blown smoked out look. This was opaque in one swipe, I would like to find a lip liner to go with this.


'Geradium' is the most perfect pinky coral I have ever had the joy of holding in my hand! 

Making lips look full and juicy, the beautifully pigmented 'Geradium' goes on opaque in one coat and is just lovely, lovely, lovely! 
Please excuse the flaky bit in my top lip, that is not the lipstick, merely me chewing my lips whilst having a cold and missing a bit whilst exfoliating my lips!

'Centrifuchsia' is the diva of the group.  Again, superbly well pigmented, it goes on nice and smoothly with a nice sheen to it which after a few hours of eating and drinking is still firmly in place albeit slightly less shiny.

This picture is from the morning AFTER the hen night that that I wore this to, amazing staying power as I had taken my make up off when I got home!  Defo two thumbs up for this one if you need something that's going to last.  

A few more swatches, again, these were done with just one swipe of the bullet.

I would really recommend these, 'Babette' was probably the least long wearing out of the three, needing topped up after two hours with no eating and drinking.  These are superbly opaque and would be great to pop in your handbag for a quick burst of colour.  

I would love to see Lime Crime take out lip liners to compliment these shades.

*** Lime Crime are having a Black Friday sale where you can get 30% off from 9am EST on 29th Nov until 11.59 EST on 30th Nov.  This could help sway you if the $10.95 delivery is putting you off!

You can also get Lime Crime cosmetics from Cocktail Cosmetics, here.

I have a few more on my wish list, one being 'Poison Berry' and another 'Glamour 101', not bad for someone who 'doesn't really do lipsticks...'

Have you tried Lime Crime Lipsticks before?

What are your 'go to' shades?