Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Not practical but darn they're pretty!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed there was a recurrence of cut-out boots appearing on the blogosphere and astonishingly, I really wanted in on the action!

Usually, I'm a trainers or flats kinda gal but I have been determined to inject a bit more 'oomph' into my wardrobe starting from the feet up!

I got these babies from Primark for £18 and I'm super chuffed with them.

To me, £18 was a bit steep for Primark as I'm used to £4 ballet flats but if you look at similar styles on boohoo.com, missguided.co.uk etc they are all £30+.

They have a slightly pointed toe and the heel is about two and a half inches, which is more than enough for me nowadays! The boots are black but not a shiny black, they are distressed without being scuffed.  I like the pointy toe as my dumpy legs could do with all the elongation they can get! 

Most importantly, they are really comfy.  I wore these to have a walk around the International market, which is held on the first saturday of every month here in Aberdeen.  The boots managed to carry me around after a giant polish hotdog and some very sinful churros! I then wore them to a work conference held in Glasgow (I didn't get to do any shopping though! *sadface*) with no sore feet in sight!

The only problem with them, is that I might not get much use of them now that the snow has arrived in Aberdeen! 

Have you got a pair of bargain boots?

Have you had any snow yet this week?