Saturday, 9 November 2013

Weekend mani #12

Ever since I first clapped eyes on the L'oreal confetti topcoat, I knew one day, it would be mine! Today is that very happy day!
Amazing how something as simple as black and white dots can really 'make' a mani.

For this weekends Mani I have used O.P.I Nail envy matte base coat, two coats of Ciate 'The Glossip' and a smattering of the L'oreal topcoat confetti.  

This is my first ever Ciate polish and it was actually one that my boss got in a Glossybox that she said she would never use, yippee! It looks like a peachy coral in the bottle but is much more red on the nails, with more of an orange undertone.  It reminded me alot of the Barry M polish I posted about here

It was a really easy polish to apply, I did this by candlelight the night before and haven't done any clean up, the formula was just right.  The brush itself was a good size, not too thin and the bottle is just the cutest with the little bow.  All in all, I was very impressed by this polish and the orange-y, red-dy and peachy tones in the colour has me looking at my nails all the time!
I should also mention that it is a creme formula and very glossy, I have no topcoat on at all and after 24 hours - no chips!!!!

I then went ahead and added my confetti.  Its weird, I would never think of black and confetti in the same grouping but it works! 
This is a really easy way to jazz up your mani without requiring any crazy good nail art skills yo!

It contains various sizes of matte black and white dots, it's a very grown-up 'non-glitter' effect and the monochrome is just an all round, timeless winner! I detected a very, very subtle silver glitter suspended in the clear base ( I think that's why the flash didn't like it so much) but super tiny particles so they don't really detract from the dots. 

I used two coats of the confetti although I just dabbed on the second coat in any bald spots that appeared after the first coat.  The formula wasn't thick and the dots were pretty easy to maneuver to where you wanted them to be. The brush was a good size too.  

I ended up adding the confetti to my thumbs too as I didn't think just one nail would be enough!

I really like this combo and am very impressed with the application of the Ciate and of the effect of the Confetti.  Both are now enemies of my bank account! I will definately be trying out the confetti over a wide range of colours too, I may have to make a confetti collage! 

Have you tried the Confetti Topcoat?

If you have, which colour did you try it over?