Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tangle Teezer

Evening All!

So you may think that the image below is of some giant, purple beastie but fear not for it is none other than the original 'Tangle Teezer'.

I have had this for a number of years now and find it is such a handy wee tool to have around.  It helps to tame unruly, knotted hair and can be used when hair is wet or dry without causing damage.

It fits snugly into your hand so you can apply a good, even pressure when you brush but I must confess, the lack of a handle means I have throuwn this around whilst brushing my hair far more than intended.

The teeth are plastic and so you don't have to worry about being jabbed by metal bits and they are of alternate lengths to aid in the detangling process.

My one is starting to look a bit worse for wear now but it still does the job just fine.  I have very fine hair and although the condition is good, I do have lots of baby hairs round my hairline and my hair falls out quite a lot, i'm by no means bald but my other half does say that I cast as much as the cats! This doesn't damage my hair at all and I find my hair dries quicker once I have brushed through it with this.

There are lots of little teeth and so it really does glide through my hair with ease.  Great at the moment as it is so windy here just now and my hair sees more knots than the ropes on a sailboat. 

Binx likes getting brushed with this too... *not crazy!* I'm just pleased if he does decide to rub his face on this, it's not going to hurt him.     

The cheapest I can spot the 'Tangle Teezer' so far is on Amazon, here, for £8.49 and you can get free super saver delivery.

I can see this lasting me a long, long time although I would quite like to try the Micheal Mercier one purely because it has a handle!

Have you tried a 'Tangle Teezer' before?

Does your hair get knotted easily?