Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spare your blushes, clean your brushes!

Something I can never be bothered doing but really should do more often, is clean my make-up brushes.  My brain seems to think that as I only use one or two during the week, that they don't need any love and my lazy body is happy to comply!

So the other night, I set to it armed with 'gone in 60 seconds' on my iPad and some antibacterial handwash.

These are two of my Real Techniques brushes and I use them the most often I would say.  I use the big one every day for powder and even bronzer too and the smaller one for blush or bronzer.  That's often why I don't get round to washing them as by the time I remember, there's not enough time to wash and dry them for the morning!

It's a pretty simple process really and I do this for all my brushes, including my prized Dior set, with no ill effect *phew*.  I rinse the brush under warm water, not really hot as I don't want to burn my hand by the time I get to brush number four!

I then put some anti-bacterial handwash into my hand (you could use baby shampoo, I have no babies and thus no shampoo for them), I've just got Asda's on brand but I'm sure any will do.  Perhaps try and stay away from the more moisturising ones as they may leave a bit of residue on the brush (i.e. Shea butter and the likes).  Give the brush a good swirl around in the soap and RINSE.  You'll be amazed at the colour that comes off! 
Gently squezze out any excess water, being careful not to pull too hard on the bristles or they may start shedding!

Once washed, place them on their sides over the edge of a table, shelf or bookcase or wherever is most convenient and let them air dry.  It is very important that you don't dry brushes with them standing upright as the water can travel into the brush, weaken the glue holding the fibres together and again, you risk shedding.

And that's it! 
10 or 20 minutes on a sunday and you are good to go for the rest of the week.  I find that once my brushes are clean, my make up certainly applies nicer and if I had a big night out planned, I would certainly have clean brushes ready and waiting.

Do you clean your brushes?

What do you use to clean them?