Friday, 18 October 2013

Twinkle twinkle

On Sunday I decided I was gonna pimp my headboard!

I had some voile panels which I think I got from Dunelm Mill or maybe B&Q a few years ago.  We had originally tried to use them to hang on either side of the bed but the cats decided they were far too much fun to climb up!

The voile panels are a shimmery silver and so I decided to use one and wrap it around my headboard.  It's not the neatest but it looks better than the headboard did before, think cats claws and dark hair dyes.
At the back, I just used staples and the legs of the headboard, to hold the voile in place.  

The fairy lights are ones I bought from eBay, they were supposed to be warm white but they are actually just pure (quite bright) white with several different settings, think christmas tree.  I Just use them on the continuous 'on' setting. eBay is pretty good for stuff like this, I think these cost me about £6.50. 

I have sewn on every other fairy light just to keep them secure, Neville was really keen to get at the thread, look at that face! 

Fairy lights are a great alternative to a bedside lamp and make reading a book in bed a lovely, cosy experience.

Have you done anything to perk up your bedroom?