Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Badboys of haircare

I recently had to through out my old faithful wide plate GHD's, I had dropped used them for many years but the plates were now loose and Binx took a liking to chewing the cable! Monkey Cat! I do also have the slim 'normal' GHD's but can sometimes find them too small for giving my hair a quick going over before leaving for work.
Fast forward three days after taking my Badboys, as I had affectionately nicknamed them, to the tip *sob*, I got home to a rather large, unexpected parcel.  

My boyfriend had gone and bought me replacements.  Now, first and foremost, I was very angry! These are expensive and not something to just buy on a whim.  Even though he told me he got £20 off, that still makes them £105 (free standard UK delivery).  I think I got mine from Amazon for £86 about 8 years ago.  The one thing that stopped me from sending them back was that it is not free returns and you don't get postage refunded.  for such a heavy, valuable item, it would have cost about £10 to return them!!

They are pretty though, and they are less bulky than their older counterparts.  They have the same long cable, which is so useful!

These have the LED display on the on/off switch which allows you to see at a glance if they are ready. They also beep when they are ready too, which again is a newer feature.

The plates are about four inches, which is a fine size if you have thick or curly/wavy hair.  My hair is very wavy/curly and has a kink in it from the constant ponytails at work.  The Straighteners come with Auto-shut off after 30 mins, so if you leave these on, you run less of a risk of burning the house down!! 

The straighteners also come with a protective plate guard, which is really handy as I like to tidy my hair tools away as soon as I'm done with them to avoid coming home to chewed cables!!  I couldn't be without hair straighteners and I have found that the GHD's work best with my fine but frizzbomb hair! 

The GHD Gold Max styler also comes with a two year guarantee, but you need to remember and register your product.  

Do you style your hair?

What hair tools do you swear by?