Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bourjois are Bringing it!

Peach on the beach, never has a name been so apt than this delicious little nugget from Bourjois.  Bourjois are really upping the stakes at the moment and my wishlist is growing exponentially with those stakes.  Here is one of their Colour Boost Lip Crayons and I urge you to try one and not want to keep it!

Following in the style of the Clinique Chubby sticks, these are a very effortless and speedy addition to your make-up bag. I can see them lasting a good amount of time too as one swipe and your done, even stevens!

The top is pointed for precision (although I squished mine a little putting the lid on).

And the silver part at the bottom twists the product up, similar to a lipstick or a retractable pencil thing that lasted your first week back at school.

The colour is a yummy, juicy coral which will suit a majority of skin tones and would go beautifully with a tan.

I would say that the hydration is good but perhaps not the 10 hours promised good, especially not if eating or drinking.  On me, the glossiness faded after about two hours but it left a nice tint behind on the lips.  On another one of my colleagues who also tried it, I would say after an hour all that was left was a tint.

Here you can see the sheeny shiney-ness of it.  One thing I really like is that although it is incredibly juicy looking, it is not sticky.  There is nothing worse than walking to work with my hair stuck to my face, I have to cross some big (big in aberdeen) roads and seeing where I'm going is incredibly helpful!

This gives a pretty opaque colour for one swipe, although I think on the lip it has a slightly more milkier opacity to it.  I had this to work and one of the staff nurses, who is blonde and really tanned, put this on and it looked great on her but just not as orangey-coral as it did on the back of my hand.  Still gorgeous though!

These are available in six shades on the Superdrug website, here, and on the Boots website, here. It is worth noting that on the Boots website, 'Peach on the Beach', is just called 'On the Beach'.  Also worth noting is that Boots have a buy one get a second half price offer on at the moment.

I'm after 'Prune' next, sounds like an ideal autumnal shade.

Oh, and one last thing, these little beauties contain SPF15, so really you would be doing yourself a favour if you went out and bought one.  Right now. 

Have you tried these yet?