Saturday, 5 October 2013

Weekend Mani #7

Another week has flown by and I'm back with more glitter! Just one nail this time though...

This is O.P.I polishes at it again, I promise I do own other brands, these just happen to be the ones I 'collect'.

So for the main blue I used 'Can't Find My Czechbook' and for the accent nail I used 'You're Such a Buda-pest' topped with the beautiful '' glitter.

There is something about which just really sings to me as a glitter, I think the combination of colours suits me to a T.  It has small, circular purple glitters and larger hexagonal glitters in turquoise, a purple again and a fuschia pink.  For a change, I love that it has no silver, sometimes I feel the silver makes glitters so shiny, it's hard to distinguish the other colours!

I took this picture to try and persuade my boss that we could totally get away with wearing nail polish to work when it matches our uniforms so perfectly!  She was impressed by the colour match however wearing nail polish to work is the stuff dreams are made of for us.  

These were definately my favourite colours from the Euro Centralé collection, and I have used these several times on fingers and toes.

Showing the colours in sunlight, the blue (Can't Find My Czechbook) is a really good aqua blue but not an in your face aqua, it was opaque in two coats.  The lilac 'You're Such A Buda-Pest' is a very light lilac and has a slight shimmer running through it (supposedly) but my eyes are missing that completely! I used two coats of this also and although the formula was a touch thinner than 'Czechbook' it was still easy to apply.

Do you have any favourite glitter combo's?