Sunday, 27 October 2013

Weekend Mani #10

I'm going to be completely honest with you, this is technically not this weekends mani. *recoils at the gasps of horror* 
I had a day off during the week and had some polish on that wasn't OPI and so I thought I would use it for the purpose of this post. 

This is Nails Inc. Old Park Lane £11, Debenhams often do 10% off fragrance and beauty and you used to be able to get free delivery when using the code SHBC. 

This is marketed as a metallic champagne shimmer polish.  It is very opaque, I only applied one coat and got full opacity.  A a result of this I did find the formula quite thick and with the metallic finish, I found it difficult to get it streak free.  

In no light did it look like champagne to me!  It was more of a coppery bronze but it had hints of mauve and red in there too. 

I ended up taking it off on the way to work and so I tried to take pics of it in natural daylight, forgetting that it is Aberdeen in October and natural daylight is pretty scarce now! 

I had tried to do a glitter accent on this but it just didn't work, because there was hints of so many colours in this polish, it was difficult to match a glitter to it.  This is L'oreal's sequin explosion which I posted about here.

I think this polish would look good if you were going on holiday or had some colour to your skin but personally, I didn't like it on me.  Having saying that, as it is so opaque, I reckon this would be good for stamping.  I do have some plates that I have yet to use so I may try a christmassy mani with this.

In the picture above, you can see where I had a problem with streaking. Metallic polishes aren't something I usually wear, so it is a formula I'm not used to working with.  

I got this in a Nails Inc. Lucky dip where they offer you six polishes for about £18 or so, so if you are just getting into polish, it's a great way to try a few for a bargain price. I can;t see this on their website but I think the lucky dips are their way of clearing out old stock.  

How do you feel about metallic polishes?

Have you ever tried the Nails Inc Lucky Dip?