Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sainsburys - A treasure trove of trinkets?

I went in to Sainsburys recently for milk and therefore came out with loads of bits and bobs that I don't *really* need, as you do.


I bought a pretty grey storage box for £3 ish, it was half price and I thought it would maybe store a few nail polishes.  A n A5 notebook for my Gramma, it helps her remember what she has been upto during the day and what visitors she has, if we write it down for her.  Also, some owl earrings.

Turns out the box is a good height for nail polish! So I got to sortin'...

59 Bottles of O.P.I in a box, 59 Bottles of O.P.I...
I was a bit disappointed they don't fit in as securely as I'd like but 'the boy' had a genius idea of getting some foam type stuff from the likes of Hobbycraft and creating a wee mould - Genius!

I don't usually wear earrings or most jewellery in fact as I used to get terrible rashes as a child from the costume jewellery I would insist upon wearing but these little fellas claim to be hypoallergenic so for £2.50, I thought I could give them a good home.  I think these were also covered by the 25% off clothing deal that sainsburys seem to run every couple of months.

The only thing I can find a link to on the website is this cute little trinket box, Sainsburys really do have some cutesy accessories just now.  I thought this would be great for storing cotton wool balls or hair bobbles in but 'the boy' decided he was going to store his peanut butter m&m's in it instead!  I bought two of these and gave one to my mum as she just bought herself a wee dressing table for her room. I think these were also 1/3 off or thereabouts. 

Supermarkets are really coming up trumps when it comes to providing you with everything you need to make your home homey.

Asda do some great bedding, home furnishings, storage boxes and clothes too, whereas I think sainsburys do better stationary and home storage/accessory/furnishings.

Do you find yourself buying more than just a loaf of bread at the shops nowadays?

Do you have any favourite trinkets you found where you didn't expect too?