Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cheshire Cat Craziness

Next weekend, I am going on a Hen Night out, which has the theme Alice in Wonderland and
 we will be drinking cocktails out of teapots and all sorts of madness!
I haven't done dress up for a very long time, and my initial thoughts would be that I would go as
 the Queen of Hearts, however, I discovered the bride-to-be's sister (also my chum!) is going as that and so I decided against it.  Bad taste going as the same thing as the Bride or her sister! 
I then thought about what really made the (Disney) movie for me all those years ago and it just
 had to be the Cheshire Cat!

And so here is what I have got to help me achieve this look...

Cheshire Cat Craziness

This is where places like ebay and amazon are extremely useful, you can get items for really cheap which is great as I can't see me needing purple cat ears all too often!  My one bugbear is that when it is personal sellers, they can sometimes charge too much for postage, each to their own I suppose but it can be a little unfair.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Do you use eBay or Amazon for fancy dress purchasing?