Saturday, 28 September 2013

Weekend Mani #6

It only seems like two seconds since I posted my last weekend mani and yet here we are on the 13th Saturday until Christmas! Yikes!

This weekend, I wasn't sure what I was in the mood for and I was sorting out my polishes and stumbled across a pairing I had been meaning to duet for ages. Both shades are from the O.P.I NYC ballet soft shades collection of 2012 and I think they go beautifully together.  

Meet 'my pointe exactly' topped with 'pirouette my whistle'

'My pointe exactly' is a very sheer, jelly grey colour.  To me it is the perfect grey, I just wish it was a wee bit more opaque.  The picture above shows three coats and still an awful lot of VNL (visible nail line) but that is kinda the intention of the soft shades collection.  I suppose it's like the tinted lip balm of the polish world.  I found this to be quite easy to use albeit a tad runnier than I'm used to.  

I ended up using five coats to get the opacity I wanted and so drying time was a killer and I did smudge a few :-( This is then a great time to pop on a glittery top coat to hide any mishaps! 

'Pirouette My Whistle' is a clear based polish with tiny silver micro glitter and soft, matte white hexagonal macro glitter in it.  The bigger glitters do tend to sink to the bottoms and sides of the bottle and so it needs a good shake before applying. 

 I love this jazzed up neutral nail, it is another example of an easy to wear combo that would be suitable for all ages. 

This combo has however one mnajor drawback... I now really, really want to buy Illamasqua's most talked about polish, 'Raindrops'.  I have a link to some swatches here, by 'The PolishAholic' as she always has great pics! 

Maybe it's living in the granite city but I really do have a soft spot for grey polishes and adding the hint of sparkle is just the cherry on top.  It is almost like the flecks in the granite of my home toon.

Do you have a favourite combo of polishes?

What do you think of this as a wintery mani?