Thursday, 19 September 2013

Summer is not yet over

As Autumn approaches pretty quickly up here in the North East (of Scotland), it's time to get cosy!

I don't like putting the heating on this early in the year and so prefer to use fluffy jumpers and candles to keep me toasty of an evening.  

A few months ago now, I was walking past Clinton Cards and they had a display of Yankee Candles on their shop floor, the main attraction being the delicious summer scoop.  Ever since then, I couldn't stop thinking of the summery scent and so purchased it two weeks ago from this seller, on Ebay, free p+p was the clincher.  You can get the candles from Yankee Direct too but there is postage charges to add on.  

Two Weekends ago, I was strolling through my local Dobbies (garden centre) after having a magnificent breakfast there and spotted their Yankee display.  If you have a Dobbies near you, I would definately go and check it out as they often have special deals going on their candles.  I got this huge Coral Beach jar for £12, when they usually retail for about £20.

Coral Beach seems to be pretty difficult to track down in the UK which is unfortunate and to get it shipped from the US will cost over £20 in postage alone!! It is a lovely scent though, almost like peach chewits.  It is a very addictive scent.  I almost never bought it as I had already bought Summer Scoop but I had to go back for it! 

Summer Scoop is definitely my favourite one of the two though, It smells just like the graphic on the label, of strawberry ice cream and summertime! 

One thing about Yankee Candles I like is that the jars are re-usable, I currently have one in my bathroom that I use to store my cotton wool in, much swisher than the usual draw-string poly bags.

Have you tried Yankee Candles before?

What things about Autumn are you looking forward to?


Jodi xx