Monday, 16 September 2013

To buy or not to buy?!

I have been on a real mission to use up some of the lotions and potions I have collected over time.  I'm really bad for being impulsive in the supermarket when it comes to skin and hair products in particular so I'm making a real effort not to buy any more.  Fun times no? 

First up to be used up was my Percy & Reed splendidly silky moisturising shampoo and conditioner.  These were nice to use but I felt the moisturising element was too much for my fine hair if I used this for more than two washes in a row,  the conditioner was nice and I used it almost as a mask before shampooing.  The have a nice, subtle smell and something about them reminds me of the James Brown range of shampoos.  Both shampoo and conditioner contain blueberry extract to cleanse and sweet almond milk to moisturise.  At £14 and £16 respectively, these are not cheap and although they are nice, I expect my mind to be a bit more blown for that price.  

Next up was the Caudalie cleansing water.  This was a real eye-opener of a product.  It takes make-up off with ease, leaving no residue and no sensation that it was ever there.  I bought mine from a while back and it lasted for ages.  With grape water (full of vitamins and antioxidants) and camomile (to calm and soothe) this is suitable for all skin types and can be used to remove eye make-up too.  I have since discovered l'oreal skin perfection, see here, but if I see this on offer, I may very well buy it again.  

Tesco Vitamin E toner was also something I used up and to be honest, I was quite glad when I did.  Toner is like the forgotten step in skincare for me, I always try and remember to use but then I slap on my moisturiser without a second thought for it.  This was not a bad product by any means, it was nice and gentle on the skin, removed any residue of make-up left on the skin and was only about 80p.  It just didn't excite me very much, but is any toner that exciting? I don't think tesco do this particular one anymore but they do a cucumber one for the same price.

Charles Worthington Dream Hair.  I really did not like this for my hair at all.  this was part of a set and was the last part to be used up/ given away. For a cleansing shampoo, I felt this was so heavy on my hair.  the scent was quite nice but that is only ever a bonus.  Growing up, Charles Worthington shampoo and conditioners were, to my eyes, proper grown up luxury.  I used to get the moisture seal products as a treat and they made me so happy! I still like the products but this set was a huge disappointment. No link for this set at the mo' as is not co-operating again.

Lastly, Balance Me wonder eye cream is something that I actually have a back-up of and I'm glad I do.  I just have to finish a dermalogica one first! |this contains hyaluronic acid which helps lock-in moisture and plump up the undereye area.  I did find it was nice and soothing on my undereye area and it did help to diminish my dark circles somewhat.  Again, this is quite pricey but a little definitely goes a long, long way and it is jam packed full of natural, skin friendly ingredients.  

Do you have any favourite products that you repurchase over and over?