Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cute cats and fine cheese!

The other week I was feeling like I might be in for a bit of a cold but it seemed to go away until this morning when I woke up with a sore throat! Boooo! The weekend before last we kinda just took it easy as it was grey skies over aberdeen for most of the weekend. I quite enjoyed pottering about and playing with the pusscats.

 There's an app called 'Games for cats' which I downloaded at the suggestion of my nephew and it's actually pretty cool.  In this part of the app, a mouse runs around on screen and if the cat hits the mouse, it squeaks, simples! Binx doesn't pay it much attention at all, honey is quite wary of it but will watch it and Nev, as you can see plonks himself down like a pro! This was a lazy Sunday morning laughing at Nev.  

He then starts to chew his way into the ipad! 

Binx then decided he was going to help with the laundry...

While Neville had a nap! 

We took Honey out for a walk in the back garden whilst we hung out some washing.  She doesn't go out much but when she does, we have her on a lead at all times.  It may seem a bit crazy but this is not an area she is used to and there are so many other cats and buses, that I would be terrified to let her out on her own.  She only likes a wee tooted around to chew some grass then she wants back in.

10 minutes outside then deserves a good, long afternoon nap! 

Meanwhile, my chum came round with a belated birthday pressie which was so unexpected but very welcome! 

Gorgeous shortbread from Murdoch Allan Bakeries, it was yum! The only bad thing was that the packet didn't last very long! ;-) 

The evening led to more munching and a movie.

We don't have a tv in the bedroom any more, we did have a brand shiny new 32 inch flat screen for about three months until one day Nev decided he would be a bird and perch on the top, the tv did a 180 flop right onto the metal drawer handle and that was that.  The screen looked like it had been shot! 

So that was our lazy day but I really quite enjoyed staying at home enjoying the quiet life.  

Also, we have a tomato plant that I'm proud as punch about! 

Do you like days at home? 

What's your favourite biscuit (dunkable or no)?