Sunday, 1 September 2013

Weekend Mani #2

The Sun has made an appearance this weekend and so I fancied a nice, cheery nail to celebrate! 

You may remember that very recently I made some Barry M purchases, I posted about them here.  I have used the matte white as a base on my accent fingers, O.P.I Shorts Story (please do shop around for this!) for the other nails and some polka dots and the Ltd Edition yellow by Barry M for some extra dots.  I do like polka dots! 

Application was easy breezy, I used Sally Hansen 'hard as nails' as a base coat and two coats of the base colour on each nail.  I'm not really too fussy about base coats etc at the moment as my nails only have to last two days at the weekend, I like the Sally Hansen one as it's actually really easy to pick off, tut tut! 

To jazz things up a bit, I decided to try a matte finish.  This is just a cheapie I got from George at Asda. It's not great and if the polish is applied too thickly, it doesn't really go particularly matte.  As I say, I only wear this for two days and so can't really comment on durability.  I would also imagine it is harder to wrap the tip of the nail with a matte polish.  That's maybe an idea for a future post! 

Are you doing anything nice this weekend?

What is your 'go-to' nail art? 



P.s. please excuse the cut on my thumb, whoever thought a double edged serrated bread knife was a good idea has a lot to answer for!