Thursday, 5 September 2013

If you like chocolate...

You must buy this!!

Vaseline have brought out a new body moisturiser and its a good 'un! If, like me, moisturising after a bath/shower is an evil necessity then you have just found your best bud!! 

This bad boy right here is the cocoa butter variety and it smells soooo good!! 

I picked this up in boots (don't say it, I know!) for £4.99, and for the novelty and smell of it alone, I'd say it was worth it.  

The reason this moisturiser is different is the spray nozzle, yes that's right, spray on moisturiser! Vaseline's Spray & Go does exactly that! It sprays on as a slightly milky liquid, rub it in and hey presto, feelin' smooth and smellin' fine.

My only con for this is of course product wastage. The spray is great for large surface areas i.e. my thighs my belly my back, but as soon as we get into forearm territory I see a fine mist (for it is a very fine mist) heading off into the ether, much like loose face powders and spray on sun lotions.

If you were to leave this to dry in itself, it would take a good five or so minutes but can be very refreshing if your anywhere near a fan.  Rubbing it in takes some of the novelty away but you can then get dressed straight away.

The two other flavours (please do not eat these!) are aloe and oat(essential moisture), which sound refreshing and soothing all at the same time.

Have you tried these yet?

Do you have a favourite moisturiser?