Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Weekend Mani #5

This is a pretty picture heavy post for one mani but it was a fun one so I went for it!

Recently, I bought my first ever Models Own polishes, 'Absinthe' from the velvet goth collection and 'Snow Mix' which is one of their Artistix Duo polishes.  The Artistix are a great idea, they combine two of the brands bestselling shades for maximum effect! Each duo consists of a base colour and a special effect topcoat.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to use the white base coat on all my nails as I was really feeling a deep purple kinda place.  I mashed it up into a slightly odd but effective mani.  The O.P.I is Vant to bite my neck? from the Euro CentralĂ© Collection which was brought out in springtime this year.

First up was the 'Snow White' base coat.  A good quality polish, this was opaque in two coats and didn't take too long to dry in between coats. I must say, I do like the brushes too, slightly thinner than the OPI brushes which I sometimes find too thick for my little nails.

And on with the glitter! This is Ibiza Mix from the Hed Kandi collection. I love the glitter, it is not as bright as shown on the web images but I actually like that the colours are almost subtle and grown up - very similar vibe as the L'oreal Sequin explosion, which I still have to get round to gushing about!

Here is a few more pics trying to show the glitter.  I loved the lilac and the turquoise and I'm glad the orange wasn't too bright as I don't really like orange glitters that much, I have no idea why.  The orange was actually more of a rosey, orangey goldy type colour, I really liked it. There was also gold glitter too.  

There were also varying shapes and sizes of glitter too which added to the party effect, there were hexagonal macro glitters and circular micro glitters. 

I then decided I wanted dark purple nails so I kept the thumbs Artistix'd and went for O.P.I on the rest of my fingers.  I thought the lilac and turquoise of the glitter tied in with the deep purple.  The O.P.I itself was just a lovely deep, creme purple, it kinda made me think of an aubergine when I was using it.  Gah, it's just lovely, simple, elegant and lovely and a breeze to apply!

On the sunday, before I took this off for work, I wanted to try the glitter over the purple. It looks really nice and would be great for autumn/winter to add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise sultry manicure.

F.y.i., it is so hard to try and capture glitters on an iPhone!

Models Own Artistix Duo polishes are on offer on ASOS.com at the moment, link here, and they also have Vant to Bite My Neck? reduced to £7 here.  This is actually a great price as ASOS offer free standard delivery, you can also get cashback from topcashback.co.uk.  I should also say that ASOS have pretty great customer service too, should you have any problems.

Are you stocking up on the glitters in time for christmas?

Are you looking forward to the deep purple and berry shades of winter?