Saturday, 21 September 2013

Not the cutest panda

One thing I find supermarkets are quite limited in is their selection of eye make-up removers.  A wee while ago now, I was in need and in Sainsburys and so this eye make up removal cream by Olay, found its way into my basket.

It is a white cream of which a little goes a long way, especially if you only wear one or two coats of mascara on a normal day.  The best method I have found for this is to rub the cream GENTLY onto your closed eye, being careful not to drag on the skin under the eyes as this area is very delicate.  You do not want this product in your eye as it can be very nippy, so please be careful.  After a minute or so on each eye, the cream should have dissolved the majority of your eye make up and you can use a damp cotton pad or face cloth to gently wipe it off.

I find this to be pretty effective although if I use this after cleansing, I often find I still have a little bit of a panda eye the next morning and so I prefer to use this then cleanse.  I especially like to sweep some cleansing water over the top just to lift off any residue.

This process is best left to the privacy of the bathroom as it can get messy, might be a good look for halloween though!!

I think I prefer the quickness of an oil based eye make up remover but massaging this into the eye area can be quite nice after a long day.  It is perfume and colour free but if you have sensitive eyes, be super careful this doesn't get in them.

Do you prefer cream or oil eye make up removers?

What do you think of Olay?



P.s. Superdrug have this buy one get one free ath the moment, priced at £2.99