Friday, 30 August 2013

Maybelline Fit Me, please?!?!

I am forever searching for my Holy Grail foundation, at the moment, I am having a lot of breakouts which I believe to be hormone related and so really would like to find a foundation with medium to full coverage that doesn't cake, good luck with that I hear you say!  
To top it off, I have very pink tones to my skin which does not go well with the usual yellow toned offerings of most high street and high end brands.

My latest quest led me to Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 115.

My first plus is the packaging, it comes with a handy pump dispenser in a nice glass bottle so you can see the amount of product you have.

It is marketed as the brands first gel foundation, with no waxes and fillers which allows the skin to breathe.
The maybelline website allows you to select the shade that is right for you, judging by your answers to two simple questions.

I picked shade 115 as I am very pale (my neck is much paler than my face) and I have pink undertones, my first impression was that it was too yellow for my skin. *sob*. 

It does blend in a bit better but on my face and neck I found it to be too yellow for my tastes and also a bit dark.  It looked not too bad if you just look at my face but trying to blend it into my neck was just not happening.

I also found that it slid about my face, even with the use of primer and settled into any lines or creases in my face.  The coverage was pretty low but you could build it up a tad and the range also has a concealer and powder to go with your chosen shade.  I felt that this made my face look and feel a wee bit oily and so that didn't help it stay in place either.

All in all, not quite for me but the texture is nice and feels very lightweight on the skin and perhaps this would work better on normal to dry skin types.  

At the moment, I am using this mixed in with L'oreal Lumi Magique in 'Rose Pearl' for my at work foundation but it's really just to try and use them both up!

I have my eye on Max factor next!

Whats your Foundation of Choice?

Have you found 'The One'?