Sunday, 11 August 2013

Humidity + Hair = Harrumph!

Usually my hair is fine, wavy and slightly wispy at the ends but this summer my hair has been a big ball of frizz and I don't like it!!

I have been using these two products to try and help control my do and I do fell they are helping - slightly!

I have quite a lot of baby hairs so to try and avoid any broken hairs adding to my frizzball, I have been using this bulldog clip instead of a bobble.  I don't know if this is making much of a diffeernce but its nice to finish work and let my hair loose and not have a massive kink!

The John Frieda Frizz ease serum was part of my latest in Beauty Glam box and is great for everyday use.  Once I have washed my hair, I run this through the ends before drying and I feel it helps control the frizz caused by the heat.  Alternatively, if I haven't washed my hair that day or I have forgotten to use it before blowdrying, I again, just run it through the ends and quickly skim my hands across the rest of my hair to settle any flyaways.

Do you have any favourite products to beat the humidity?