Monday, 19 August 2013

Weekend indulgence

This weekend I ate far too much fine food.  We decided we were going to have a weekend of mooching about town and scoffing nice things.

Saturday consisted of a quick nip into town in the morning to to return something to New Look and a trip to the Bobbi Brown counter in John Lewis, more deets on that later though, followed by a refreshing red berry cooler from Costa.  These are my favourite thing to drink just now but the only thing that has given me brain freeze since I was about seven! Later on we had a roast chicken dinner that was huge! My man is very good in the kitchen and worked in a professional kitchen for years and his portion sizes are huge, I made sure to eat all my veg first though!

Sunday consisted of a trip to Dobbies with Grandmama and they have the most amazing cakes on display.  On the way out I spotted this strawberry tart jelly and it is exactly the same as you used to get on the proper strawberry tarts - slightly worring that strawberries are not anywhere on the ingredients list but I still bought it!

Saturday Evening was spent drinking frozen pina colada out of a pineapple and playing trivial pursuit  - I lost! 

Of course, we couldn't resist trying out the strawberry tart jelly and we even added strawberries.  It. Was. Nom!

Hope you all had a nice weekend

Do you have favourite yummy food haunts?