Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pre-birthday shopping spree! Part 1...

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I always get the urge to splurge just before it so it was the prefect opportunity to browse the sales.  First up was Asos...

Boyfriend t-shirt - I got this from the maternity range as I couldn't get the colour I wanted in the normal range. These tee's are great for slobbing about with legging or with skinny jeans and pumps.
Raglan colour block t-shirt - I thought the grey and purple were a nice combo.
Cream Westie bag - this also comes in a bright tomato red.

New look inspire nerdy cat tee - Unfortunately I can't find this anymore.  This wasn't available in my size but it has a cat in glasses on it and so I had to have it! I bought it two sizes bigger.  Worryingly, it fits well so either I am deluding myself or it isn't up to plus size scratch!

And Mary Swallow ring - this was quite small and I have since sent it back, it didn't look quite as pretty as it did in the pictures.
Horse Detail purse - I am really bad at picking purses and have been after a new one for ages.  This one is big enough for all my cards etc whilst still being a bit quirky. This is now out of stock :-(
Owl Bracelet - Possibly my favourite thing, it is a dainty wee thing and adds a touch of charm to almost any outfit. Again, this is now out of stock but this is the sort of thing you can pick up similar styles of on ebay.

What do you reckon, not bad for a mini splurge?!

Have you ever shopped on asos?




P.s. If you have a cashback account you can get cashback on purchases from asos and lots of other similar retailers, you can also get access to free delivery codes.