Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pre-birthday shopping spree! Part 2...

And then there was more...

I only bought a trio of items from Oasis but they were all on sale so that's acceptable, right?!

First up is this animal print dipped hem top, which is unfortunately no longer on their website.  I was in two minds as to whether I should keep this as the material at the front doesn't feel quite right across the bust, but I am slowly trying to lose a wee bit of weight and perhaps it might sit a bit better - I should point out, I want to lose weight for my health, not aesthetics! I stopped smoking over a year ago and have indulged in too much chocolate since!

I had my eye on this rainbow yarn tee for a while but couldn't justify £18 or so just for a top, this was down to £10 in the sale.  They also had it with blue stripes and I was a bit torn which to choose but coral suits my colourings better.

Lastly, was this dress I bought for my friends wedding.  It is a fluoro floral fit 'n' flare (trying saying that after a few celebratory champers!).  Honey is hiding the fact that it is a v-neck and the thing I loved the most is that, because it has so many different colours on it, it gives you great choice when it comes to choosing accessories! 

That was my relatively modest Oasis spree, do you like?

Have you bought anything nice for yourself  lately?