Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Daily Scrub

Hey Girlies! And Guys, obvs!

Today is a short and sweet post about two of my current daily exfoliants.

The Dermalogica daily microexfoliant is a powder that you have to add water to whilst in the palm of your hand to create a finely granulated paste.  The Elizabeth Arden exfoliating cleanser is a creamy liquid with little exfoliating beads.

The Dermalogica is dispensed via a sifter whereas the Elizabeth Arden is your usual, run of the mill squeeze-it-out job.

The Dermalogica is a bit more granually (pretty sure that is not a word) but the consistency is quite hard to get right.

Both of these leave your skin feeling squeaky clean withouht felling too abrasive, I think I prefer the Elizabeth Arden cleanser as I am lazy and find it a bit of a faff getting the dermologica into a paste whilst I'm standing in the shower.  

I usually use a facecloth to remove exfoliating cleansers as I find muslin cloths too hardcore a combo for me.

Do you have a cleanser you go back to?

Are you a facecloth or muslin cloth kinda gal? (or guy, again!)