Thursday, 1 August 2013

A bling thing!

Hey Chummers! 

Recently I went out for tea with work chums and although I was dressed in navy, cream and tan, I couldn't help but add a bit of coral into the mix! 

Meet 'Are we there yet?' by O.P.I and 'Glamour Glitter' by Nails Inc.

'Are we there yet?' Is a peachy, coral-ly, salmon-y colour with a gold shimmer throughout it.  I didn't expect to like this colour as much as I did.  In the bottle it looks a bit dustier, a bit duller but when on the nail it is actually quite vibrant.  The shimmer that is quite apparent in the bottle, doesn't transfer onto the nail quite so much but it is visible in sunlight.

I topped it with the 'Glamour Glitter' to add a bit of bling since it was a Saturday night! I really like that this is just a simple, understated gold glitter - no holographic particles, no base colour just plain old fashioned glitter! Simple glitters like this can be quite hard to find and it's usually cheaper brands that you will find them in.  For example, I spotted Asda's own make up range with a glitter very similar to this (they also had a silver too!) 

Please excuse the midge bite marks on my thumb! 

Do you like plain glitters?

What is your favourite combo?