Saturday, 3 August 2013

Another trip to Boots!

I really should be banned from that shop!

I went in to get a white nail polish and spent about 31 shiny pounds!  

Here's my purchases...

I couldn't resist the Barry M as it was a 'spend £6 and get a free ltd edition bottle' deal and I was getting the white anyway.  I got the sequin effect in pink as I have been wanting to try these for ages and so I got the yellow limited edition one free! Yay!  I will review this in a separate post very soon! 

I got the radox as it was only £1 and I love the smell of this one and so does my other half.  I wouldn't say the scent lasts particularly well on the skin,  it it makes our flat smell nice whilst the bath is running. To quote my man 'if pink were a smell, that would be it!'

I was going to a wedding the next day and so was looking for a good tanner that wasn't too expensive.  I came across this No.7 'perfectly bronzed' and it was buy one get one free on their suncare and tanning and so I picked up the anti-ageing sun protection spray in SPF 30.

The Soap & Glory 'night in shining armour' was in the clearance section for £3.25 when it's usually £13! I've seen some good reviews of this product with regards to helping even out skintone and replenish moisture (particularly helpful in this warm weather that I keep harping on about!).  I used it for three nights and on the first day after I would say I felt my skin was softer and my make up sat better however after the third day I have had quite a few (7 12!) spots pop up all over my face :-( .  Now, this may be nothing to do with the cream, I only put on a light layer and I have been having spotty chin issues lately but these appeared on my chin, cheeks, temples and even the top of my nose! I'm going to wait until these painful pests go away and I will try the cream again. 

Do you use a night cream?

Do you go into a shop for one thing and come out with 7? And a bored looking other half?!