Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Blink and you'll miss it!

So the other week, I let you lot in on my latest boots goodies and up for closer inspection is the No7 Anti-Ageing sun protection spray SPF 30 and the Perfectly Bronzed self-tan quick dry tinted lotion.

The Anti-Ageing Sun Protection spray is pretty self explanatory, it is a milky white spray that blends in clear. As with most sprays, you will have to rub it in to some extent but it dries pretty quickly.  It doesn't have that 'oooh, holidays' smell about it, more of a generic 'cream' smell but that is to say, I don't find it particularly offensive either

The Perfectly Bronzed Quick dry tinted lotion was a bit more of a disappointment.  The tint was not particularly strong and therefore was lacking the 'guide colour' element I have grown so used to. 
It did dry reasonably quickly however, and did not smell any more unpleasant than any other fake tan.

Below is the same blob rubbed in, it's not obvious where this is though so very easy to get a streaky result if you are not careful.

Below is the colour payoff the next day, with flash and in natural daylight.  Not much.  I bought the light/medium version and as I am incredibly pale, that would usually suffice.  Also my legs were particularly streaky whic I never usually get with the likes of 'fake bake'.  

I should add that all fake tan was expertly applied by my boyfriend! I have him well trained! ;-)

Binx helped in the making of the blog post, obviously...

What are your favourite fake tan products?

Do you prefer the full fake tan or are you more of a gradual tanner?