Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pretty posies!


So right now, I'm loving flowers, I love being around them, I love looking at nice pictures of them and I've even looked into taking a flower arranging class! Next step, WI meetings?!?! 

I recently bought some posies that were reduced and although they don't really go with my decor, I loved the bright cheery colours.

Once I trimmed them down and removed excess leaves, there wasn't much left and I didn't have a small enough vase to put the in without them looking lost and so I came up with this...

An old spice jar! 

I think it looks really cute and would be lovely with sweet peas in it and a wee ribbon just to decorate it.  

The candle is a citronella one which I picked up at home bargains as for some reason the midges are loving me this year! I haven't yet got round to lighting it though as its just too hot to contemplate candles! Haha! 

How do you like to display posies in your place? 

Do you call midges midges or mosquitos?