Monday, 29 July 2013

'Maybe she's born with it...'

I recently received this Maybelline Superstay 14hr wear Lipstick after winning a competition run by 'Fab' magazine, which I entered on Facebook.  

First and foremost, the packaging is really quite sleek and handbag friendly although for some reason I kept thinking it was a gloss and then getting surprised when I opened it and discover all over again its a lipstick - this has seriously happened every time I have opened it! 

An important note, this is the yummiest smelling lipstick I've ever came across, it has such a lovely fruity scent that kept me going back to sniff it! 

The lipstick itself had a lovely teardrop shape tip which allows for neat application, especially round the Cupid's bow area.

The colour I was given was 'Ultimate Blush' and although in the tube it looked like a 'just been kissed' kinda rose, on application it actually had a lot more of a shimmer to it. I've tried to show on the picture below how shimmery it was.

The texture was quite nice but I felt it leaned towards the drier side of things, possibly the reason why there was so much shimmer to try and give off a glossier finish? 

The longevity was not the 14 hours claimed but more like 6 which is still pretty reasonable.  After eating and drinking the shimmer vanished and left more of a lip stain effect behind.

I think that this would perhaps last longer if you do the apply, blot, apply method.  Worth a try! 

The only downfall to this I felt, was the shimmer, I felt it made me look older! 

I've since given this to my boss as I felt it was right up her street and she loves it, she loved the fact that the colour was still there, as a stain, at 2pm after putting it on at 8am.

Do you have a long lasting lip hero? 


Jodi xx