Monday, 13 May 2013

E45 Bzz Review

Hello, Hi and Happy Monday!

Recently I discovered BzzAgent, which is a social marketing company.  They send their members products based on the answers that they give to certain surveys.  There is no money involved, they send you items in return for your honest reviews.  For each review that you do, it helps build up your Bzzscore which in turn, makes you more desirable for testing up and coming products.

One such campaign that I was lucky enough to be selected for was the E45 body lotion campaign.  I was sent loads of sample packs of E45 sachets for me to give out and spread the Bzz, which also had 50p off coupons inside! I was also sent two bottles of E45 body lotion - full size bottles!!

The bottle on the left is a 200ml E45 Moisturising Lotion, this will probably be the most familiar packaging to shoppers.  This is the unperfumed, hypoallergenic formula which E45 claim can be used on face and body.  On the right is the 250ml Nourish & Restore Body Lotion, it is lightly fragranced however it is still sutiable for sensitive skin.

Myself and my partner have both been using these and testing them out and can happily say that they do exactly what we need them to do. We are now both rehydrated after the long Scottish winter! Seriously though, although I was a tad perplexed why I, at the ripe old age of 28 was sent the Nourish & Restore Lotion enriched for Mature Skin, I have still enjoyed using it.

The lotions both absorb in really quickly and easily and I like the light, slightly floral fragrance of the Nourish & Restore.  They are both great for slapping on in a rush and are super as a daily fix of moisture and I have used it on my face with no adverse effects - Woop! 

The top one is the unfragranced E45 moisturing lotion
The bottom on is the Nourish & Restore.  The Nourish & Restore is creamier than the lotion

These lotions are also pretty inexpensive and a little can go a long way and so should last you quite some time.

There are several different varieties, next on my list to try is 'Silky Radiance' as it has a subtle shimmer added, perfect for the summer! 

The one thing I would say is that, if you have had a bath and put a face mask on and generally had a bit of pamper, you may want to try a body butter which is a bit more luxurious than a lotion.