Sunday, 26 May 2013

Don't Fear The Glitter!

Hey Chums!

So, it's sunday night which means only one thing... I need to take off my nail polish for work tomorrow! Boooooo!

On my nails today is Nails Inc. Nottinghill Gate, which is a fab neon pink and I have OPI Servin' Up Sparkle as a reverse gradient on my thumbs - I really wanted something bright, fun and sparkly as it has been so wonderfully sunny!

My hands are a complete mess after moving furniture and tidying up for most of the weekend!

Now I face the dilemma of getting the polish off my nails with the least amount of hassle possible - enter the 'foil method'

The 'foil method' is the most foolproof method of removing stubborn glitter from your nails and I will show you how to do it! Hurrah!

Firstly, Get your tools - you will need nail polish remover, cotton wool, scissors and tin foil.  Sorted? Let's do this!

Next, Cut your cotton wool into nail size pieces - I usually get four out of one pad, and cut or tear your tin foil into strips (number of strips depends on how many glittery fingers you have!)
 After this, Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to each piece of cotton wool and place on the nail

Then, give it a space hat! By this, I mean wrap a strip of tin foil around the piece of cotton wool

Nearly there! Watch your cat try to play with the tin foil for a wee minute or five...
Binx loves tin foil! I roll it up into balls and he kicks them about like little footballs! 

And Voila! After five or so minutes, you should be able to remove your polish in one fell swoop.  

 The polish used in this picture heavy post is 'Dutch ya just love opi' by OPI and although it is not full on sparkle sparkle, it does have a gold shimmer running through it which can be a pest to remove!!

My favourite way of doing this is to get all my bits and bobs together, run a bath, get in said bath, slap on a face mask, apply the foils and relax in the bath! 

I hope you have had a lovely weekend!