Saturday, 18 May 2013

You gotta bat your eyes, like this...

Hey chums!

Now, if any of you know Disney, you will have noticed that the title of this is actually a Sebastian the crab quote from 'The Little Mermaid' - I love that movie!

Recently, a local salon was doing an offer on their LVL lashes procedure, as I have always wanted to try getting my lashes permed, I figured I would give this a go!

LVL Lashes work by the specially trained therapist using a silicone shield on your upper eyelid and essentially sticking your eyelashes to the shield so that they are pretty much lying flat up against your eyelid.  A setting lotion is then used to set the lashes in place and then a tint is applied to emphasise the lashes even more.  I'm sure there is more to the process but as the specially trained therapist didn't tell me what she was doing, I couldn't tell you what the other steps are!

The process took an hour and I was really surprised and pleased with the results!


Straight after      

Mascara on right

Mascara on right

My eyelashes are quite long usually but they point downwards which just makes them look a bit lifeless! A week in and I'm still looking at my lashes everytime I pass a mirror! The effects are supposed to last for upto six weeks and the website claims can be longer if the aftercare serum is used however, I was given no aftercare info and no serum! 

There are a few cons to this procedure though, the first one being that it is pretty pricey! I got this for £35 but in this particular salon it is usually £65 and the salon where I go to get my HD brows done, can charge upto £100 if you want the tint! Totes Cray Cray! Secondly, it feels weird, your eyelashes are essentially at a right angle compared to their usual and so it feels a bit like you are wearing false lashes.  Thirdly, putting on mascara proved to be slightly tricky, I tried a few and couldn't get it on my lashes without also getting it on my eyelid as the lashes were so close to the lid once the mascara was on, it came off again onto my upper eyelid where the ends of the lashes were touching! Lastly, you cannot wear mascara or get them wet for 24 hours after you get them done, so don't do it the day of your big night out! 

I would certainly recommend these if you can find a special offer and they do brighten up the whole face (great for distracting from a spotty chin too!)

Oh, and don't forget to get a patch test done at least 48 hours before!