Thursday, 23 May 2013

A helping hand...

Hey Chums!

I work in a hospital and to stop the spread of infection from patient to patient, we have to wash our hands a gazillion times a day.  Along with this we also have to use the alcohol gel and put on those disposable gloves  which is all pretty harsh on our poor hands!

I had heard about a hand cream which had been developed specifically for hardworking hands, by a nurse, called Yes! Nurse.  I very cheekily asked them for a trial size sample for one of my colleagues who had been really suffering with dermatitis and broken skin and the lovely people sent me a full size product.

It arrived super quick and in possibly the best ever packaging I have seen for a handcream! 

All the clinical staff who tried it in my department really, really liked it.  It had a lovely, subtle scent, It is quite a thick, luxurious feeling cream but dries in really quickly and leaves little to no residue behind which is absolutely great if you need to quickly get some gloves on! The cream is full of natural ingredients to help skin recover such as Manuka honey, almond seed oil and aloe vera.

All in all a lovely cream and I think I am going to be signing up to receive this as a subscription to keep in a drawer in my department.



P.s. if you decide you want to keep it all to yourself, the tube is quite pocket friendly!