Sunday, 19 May 2013

Food, Glorious Food!

Hey Chums!

Just a quickie today, oh er! I fell out of love with the beauty boxes that were doing the rounds, there were too many perfume samples which you could easily get at Debenhams and sachets that contained 1ml of product (how can you tell if something is effective from 1ml?!).  Instead, I got myself a foodie box which my partner and myself could both enjoy!

A girl on one of the facebook groups that I am a member of had a discount code for a flavourly box which meant I could get the box delivered for only £10 when usually, including delivery, it would be £20. So, I signed up and awaited my box with great anticipation!

And it arrived! It was well packaged and had the usual leaflets giving you information about each individual product.  The box contained a whole range of items and they actually seemed like a proper treat 'cause they were a bit posh!

In my box was:
The box was a lovely little 'gourmet' experience which both my partner and myself could enjoy...and my mum and my step-dad and my work chums! My favourites were the oat fingers, lovely and smooth and perfect for dipping in my houmous! The coffee was a hit with the coffee drinkers, I really don't like coffee, won't even go into coffee shops because of the smell but I LOVE the smell of this one and even tried a sip (turns out I still don't like coffee!!).  The Chutneys went down a storm with the girls at work although some said the ginger one was a touch too gingery. The brownie was nice and moist and settled my sweet tooth with the hit of cocoa. The fudge was really different and you could really taste the ginger but the consistency and texture were lovely. The tea was infused with lime and chilli and a whole host of other exotic ingredients and was really refreshing, a really nice palette cleanser. The only thing I haven't tried yet is the granola, I like granola but I don't like the stuff you have with it so that it's not dry as a bone such as yogurt (does milk even 'go' with granola?! 

One thing I will say, is that I have seen a few comments about's customer service letting them down, so if you do decide you would like to try it, I would perhaps only take out a rolling month-by-month subscription so that you can cancel straightaway if there are any problems.  

If you do decide to subscribe, there are often codes for first time customers - try GIFT10 for £10 off.