Saturday, 18 May 2013

I made an Owl! :-)

Hello Interwebbers!

So last weekend, we didn't do very much - similar to this weekend- due to the fact that my partner has  busted his knee and can't leave our second floor flat very easily! I have been getting back into my reading and decided I was going to do some crafting!

 Ages and forever ago, I read on the wonderful Sprinkle of Glitter blog, which is a lovely blog by a girl called Louise who seems super nice, about a craft kit on the ol' bay of E.  The kit was to make a shabby chic style owl cushion and I thought it looked so so cute that I had to snap one up! I got one from this Seller, although I'm sure there are others similar.

The kit arrived and in it were some offcuts of material and a thick paper 'cut out and keep' template.  The good thing about this is that once you have this, you can make as many owls as your heart desires! Sweet!

So, in the picture above, is the cut out bits of the template (there is an extra one for the eye as I didn't have any buttons suitable), the instruction sheet and what is left of the material.  the material was measured pretty precisely so there wasn't much room for error!  The instructions to start with weren't as easy to understand as I had hoped but I think that was more to do with the way they were worded as opposed to the technique required! I would highly recommend a sewing machine for this as there is a lot of stitching, that said it only took me a few hours to do the whole thing and I haven't sewn in yonks, certainly if you are going for neatness a sewing machine is the way forward (try Gumtree for a cheap one)!

I did a basic running stitch but in retrospect, I would have been better off with a back stitch, details of both can be found here and I am sure there are a gazillion youtube videos about sewing too! To stuff it, I just used the inside of an old cushion that I had saved when my grandma moved house, I wish now I had saved her flowery curtains that no-one could think of a use for! D'oh!

And here he is, I haven't thought of a name for him yet but I am rather proud of this cute little chap and I am super keen to make more and give them away as pressies! I know a few people who are just moving home etc so I may do some investigating as to what their decor is like and see if they have room for a brother or sister of Owlie!



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