Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Is it orange? Is it pink? Is it red?

Hey Chums,

We have started getting sunshine here in the North East! Yayayay! I hope you are too, wherever you may be!

I love that no matter how casual and comfy you dress, having your nails done can really lift your spirits.  It's during these summer months that I love wearing coral nail polish, it can look a variety of different colours in a day. It can look red but then the sun can hit it and the orange leaps through, it keeps your hands looking classy but with an edge AND I have yet to see a skintone that doesn't suit it!

I only have two coral nail polishes but I like them so much that I don't feel the need to go out hunting for more (although there are some gorgeous lighter coral ones on the go just now from Barry M and Maybelline and Rimmel, haha, maybe I will end up buying more!)

Essie's Peach Daiquiri in the shade (trying to be a bit artsy on instagram!)

Barry M Coral in sunlight at the beach! :-)

The two as neighbours

The Peach Daiquiri by Essie is leans more towards the pink end of the coral spectrum whereas the Coral Barry M is definitely more orange-y red.  Both are lovely and the formulas are great.  Although I'm a huge devotee to O.P.I, I have quite small nails and the Barry M and Essie brushes are easier to use for me.

I hope you enjoyed these comparisons and it has spurred you to go get some happy hands!!