Saturday, 6 April 2013

Puss Cats Great and Small!


As the description of this blog promises there will be cats, I figured its as good a time as any to show you my babies!! 

At the moment I have 3 puss cats which can keep me and my partner surprisingly busy!

These two handsome chaps are Binx (the nearly all black one) and Neville. They are brothers and they are going to be 4 years young this year.

They are cheeky little monkeys and I love nothing more than coming home and seeing them snuggled up together as usually they are like chalk and cheese!

This gorgeous gal is Honey and she is approx 13 years old even though she is the size of a 6 month old Neville!

Honey is staying with us just now as she was needing looked after and a bit of TLC and she is slowly adapting to having the boisterous boys around.  They are not particularly interested in her, more her food bowls!

I wouldn't be without them, even though I may say differently when Neville jumps on my head at 4.30am looking for his breakfast.