Saturday, 6 April 2013

Autism Awareness nails and a quick comparison


Today I thought I would just do a quick nails post.

April is Autism Awareness month and the colours for the ribbon associated with this particular cause are your standard primary colours; Blue, Yellow and Red. Together they make the Puzzle Ribbon.

As I am not particularly 'arty', I'm sticking to block colours but with this cause in mind.

This is Essie's 'Butler, Please' for the mani and the super colourful Nails Inc. 'Camden Lock' Graffiti topcoat. Its amazing! 

I treated myself to a manicure and picked 'Butler, Please' as my colour only to find that less than 24 hours later several nails had chipped quite badly :-(

I managed to improvise with Nails Inc. 'Baker street' and so here is my challenge... Can you tell which is which in the picture below?

The middle and pinkie fingers are 'Butler, Please' and the ring finger is 'Baker Street'

As you can see, they are pretty similar, so if you can't get one, get the other! They both look awesome fun with the Nails Inc. Graffiti over the top, I was rocking that combo for ages on my toes and it made me smile every time I saw it!

Hope you like!