Sunday, 16 June 2013

Stop, you're making me *blush*

Hey Chums,

Blusher is not something I use very often to it's full potential, usually during the day I may do a quick sweep across the cheeks but by the time I have walked to work, it's usually gone!

As for contouring, I find that quite difficult on such pale skin but I have been investigating some matte bronzers for light skin so watch this space!

Anyhoo, I purchased a few items from e.l.f. a wee while back and one of them was a blush and bronzer duo compact, as can be found here, when I ordered mine there was no choice of colours and so my one only has #025 as a name.  These are supposed to be dupes for a Nars compact, here, but as I can only dream of Nars cosmetics, I couldn't possibly comment!

The blush and bronzer duo have more of a shimmer than I would like, especially for daytime, but the blush is a nice almost rose gold colour.  The bronzer, I feel, is too dark for me and no matter how much I blend, it doesn't look natural and sunkissed.  Pigmentation is nice and you don't get a lot of fall out from them which is one of my pet peeves!  

Now, the super duper bright pink was a shock at first! It is a blush by Sleek and it's called 'Flamingo'.  I received this in a Glossybox in March or April.  It is a highly pigmented colour and really, really pretty in real life.  It again has very little fall out and blends very easily.  I like that there is no shimmer to this. The Flamongo blush also goes really well with my pale skin *Hurrah!*

 e.l.f Blush -> e.l.f Bronzer -> Sleek 'Flamingo

  Totally Blended e.l.f Blush -> Bronzer -> Sleek 'Flamingo 

Blended Bourjois #95 'Rose de Jaspe ->  e.l.f Blush -> Bronzer -> Sleek 'Flamingo

I'm throwing Bourjois into the mix there as well, just because!  There is a lot of praise for the Bourjois Little Round Pots but I fail to see the hype, I find the product really difficult to budge from container to brush and find it takes me some time to actually see any product on my cheeks.  It's a shame because I really like the colour of this and have actually used it on my lips before with a little vaseline for a no make-up, make-up look (that is a thing, I promise!) One thing that is unusual about the Little Round Pots is the fact that they are rose scented, which is a nice change!

What is your favourite blush or bronzer?

Do you prefer shimmer, matte, creme or powder?