Sunday, 9 June 2013

Boots - a love/hate relationship!

Hey Chums!

I was in Boots last week and allowed myself a mini splurge, I love it, my bank account hates it!! Haha!

It was my friends hen night and so I thought that deserved a few new bits and bobs, as you do...

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a few Real Techniques brushes! Squeeeeee! I got the core collection and a rather giant powder brush, both from the your base/flawless range, I will post the links to each item on the site, however, do shop around! I think I will chat about these in another post though or we will be here all night!

I also got the smashbox 'It's your prime' kit.  I have been tempted by their 'try it kit' before but was put off by the fact that it had a lipgloss and a mascara that I probably wouldn't use, so I was delighted to discover this newly released kit.  I had originally wanted to try and get a small size of The Porefessional by Benefit but the sales assistant wasn't particularly helpful.

The smashbox products were very dinky but I had expected more than just a box with the products wrapped in a square of black tissue paper, perhaps even just a leaflet or directions for use?

I was going to be wearing a red dress with black and gold accessories and so I felt this was a great opportunity to try out one of the Kate for Rimmel lipsticks.  This is pretty brave for me as I'm usually a Benetint kinda gal! I got the shade 111 which seemed to be the most true red.

I tried the Kate Matte Lipstick but something about it didn't click with me, I'm not sure what though.  The coverage was fine, the texture was nice, it was pretty matte without being drying and chalky but I just wasn't quite feeling it.  I ended up using a really old lipstick I have had for ages, which wasn't a matte finish.  I don't even know if this shade exists anymore (certainly is not on but I think I preferred it as it has a slight blue tone to it, which can help make your teeth look a bit whiter (allegedly!)

I also picked up L'oreal Elnett 'So Sleek' Hairspray, it was 2 for £4 for the little ones but I only bought one as I hardly ever use hairspray. I wouldn't normally wear it out but I was curling my hair and need a lot of help to keep the curl in my fine hair.

For my Nails, I used OPI 'From Me to Q' which is a creme red, I felt very glam with this on my fingers which is not at all what I expected as I usully avoid red on my fingernails! This went on really well and was totally opaque in two coats.

The bracelets were from accessorize and I thought they would break up the red nicely and are simple enough that they will work with loads of other outfits.
Jewellery wise, I also got some hoop type earrings from new look and they were useless! The clasps did nothing to keep them in my ears and so by the time I got to the bar, they were in my bag! 

This is the dress I bought...
It was really comfortable and was only dress number 5 or 6 that I bought! (the rest have now gone back to the shop!)

I wore it with black, high waisted spanx tights, which I didn't feel were particularly worth the hefty £39 price tag.  You can usually get them online for cheaper but as I was needing them for that very night, that was no use! 

I also just wore a pair of black New Look shoes, a new look bag (like this but without all the stud detailing bits, it was more of a black snakeskin) and a black blazer from ASOS (they sent the wrong size but thankfully it was too big rather than too little!)

Again, this has turned out much longer than expected but I hope you enjoy it!