Monday, 10 June 2013


Hey Chums!

Just a wee post today on something a wee bit random!

Since we got our (3rd) cat, Honey, a few months ago, she has discovered that she really likes playing, however, she only likes playing with one particular toy...

Meet her feather wand! She goes absolutely daft for this and as soon as she sees me in the morning she will run over to it or the area of the sofa where she usually plays with it!  I got this particular one from Zooplus, although I bought three and she is on her last one.  you can also get them from some pet shops and they are usually a bit more feathery and a bit more expensive (£2.99 approx).

This is an action shot! ;-)
I think she loves this as she was an outdoor cat and so would have been used to chasing birds and mice around - she is super fast for an old girl too!

As for the boys...

They sleep. They eat.