Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Feelin' Fruity?!


This last week has gone flying by! 

Friday came really quickly which is great as that is always nail painting day! Hoorah! 

I couldn't decide which colour to go for and I was looking at the blankey that Honey was lying on, which was this one, and thought to myself 'yup, that's it!'.  Shame I didn't decide this until after I had tipped all my polishes out onto the living room floor! Haha! (The blankey was one I bought for my niece when she was staying with us for a week, fyi!)

After packing away all my deep, dark, wintery polishes first, I set to work...

I used five O.P.I colours; strawberry margarita, the 'IT' colour, y'all come back ya hear, gargantuan green grape and fly.

 As I wanted the colours to 'pop', I painted my nails white first, using just a Rimmel white that I picked up ages ago.

It's worth mentioning that gargantuan green grape is actually a matte colour however, I topped my finished nails with a coat of seche vite and so all was glossy in the world!

Again, I have decided to take pictures of my nails last thing on Sunday evening before I have to take them off.  Since painting my nails I have carried out the usual weekend home stuff, baking, cleaning and shopping to name but a few and so apologies for the slightly worn notw! 

Two things are frustrating me at the moment, the first being that my seche vite has gone all gloppy and  as such I am finding it increasingly difficult to use and specifically to wrap my tips.  Secondly, I filed down my nails for work and again, can't wrap my tips! Damn tips! 

Do you wrap your tips? 

Do you like skittles? 

Has this made you want to go get some skittles? ;-)