Wednesday, 15 January 2014

To buy or not to buy...

Here is a wee round up of some bits and bobs that I have used up over the last month or so, I am on a mission to use up all my old or open products so I can start afresh with my shiny new bits!

I'm glad I have rounded all these up now and can put them out to the recycling!

So first up, The Hair...

Nothing very exciting here, this is a travel sized Batiste Dry Shampoo that I had originally planned on keeping in my locker at work for emergencies but laziness overruled this and it came home with me.  I don't think I will purchase Batiste again as the non brunette version makes my hair so white and dusty looking, I might as well just talc my hair. The one good thing with the Batiste Dry Shampoo's are that they smell lovely. I would buy the full sized over the travel sized in terms of price.

Next up, The Face...

I have quite a few face bits that I used up so thought I'd break them up into skincare and cosmetics.  
The sachet of Egyptian Magic, I got 3 x 3ml samples in a Birchbox and I have used them as sparingly as possible.  I really like this stuff and my skin really liked it.  It is desgined to be used anywhere and everywhere but after first trying it on my face, I had to keep it for face use only.  It is a balmy oil that melts with the heat of your hands, I put this on in the evening and by morning my face felt so much more hydrated.  It's not cheap at between £22 and £27 but I am 95% sure I will repurchase this.

Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant. This is also a really good, gentle scrub which I also mentioned, here, my original bugbear still stands in that it is a bit of a faff trying to concoct the paste whilst standing in the shower. That aside, I would definitely consider repurchasing this and it lasts for a good while too. The one I have/had is the 30g I think, I got this with a glossybox last year, the retail size is 75g and would last a good 4 months at least I reckon.

Lastly, Dermalogica Total Eye Care with SPF15.  I have had this for ages, it seems to have lasted forever! I am not religious about using eye creams even though I really should be but I have used this one alot and it has lasted me well over a year I think.  Saying that, I wouldn't repurchase.  It has 'Optical Light Diffusers' to minimise dark circles but what it really means is that it has a bit of a tint to it which disguises dark circles for a small period of time.  I think I have enough left to take a few pictures and do a separate post.  

I have linked the Dermalogica products to as they are offering 15% off if you purchase two or more Dermalogica products and four free sample sachets.

Now onto the cosmetics, both L'oreal offerings.  The first in the form of their Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation in the shade 'Rose Pearl'.  This is quite light coverage foundation so if you need to mask blemishes, I am not sure I would recommend this, it can be built up but blemishes are best kept relatively matte, not illuminated.  The texture is lovely and it gives a nice, dewy finish with no signs of cakey-ness.  It lasts on the skin pretty well and doesn't oxidise.  It comes with a pump dispenser, always a big plus for me but the glass bottle, although nice, means that there was at least four faces worth of foundation left in the bottle! I don't like waste! Good shade range as always from L'oreal but the way my skin is at the moment, I wouldn't repurchase simply because I need a bit more coverage.

Lastly for this section, the L'oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer.  I have had this a while and it's never blew me away.  First off, its in a little glass tub, I like the glass, it gives the product a more expensive, weightier feel however the tub is not hygienic.  It does make skin feel nice and soft after you apply it (I'm guessing there are some silicones at work there) but it is quite tacky when applying it and needs to be rubbed/patted/massaged in pretty well.  I wouldn't say it had great resurfacing abilities nor did it really smooth out my pores but it did give quite a nice matte finish.  I think for the price, I wouldn't repurchase and would like to try some of the Bourjois primers instead.  

Almost there, finishing up with The Bod...

Soap and Glory 'Foam Call' Body Wash.  I'm sure you can guess it but I loved this.  It smells lovely and fruity and fresh whilst also providing a good lather and leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. Big bottle with a super handy pump dispenser (love these for shower products), I usually have to hide this from my partner! Definately a repurchase.

The Body Shop 'Merry Cranberry' Bath and Shower Gel (this years version linked, also get an extra 30% off with the code 19805 and you can also get topcashback!).  I actually got this last christmas as part of a gift set of which I still haven't touched the rest of the contents.  Does the job well, gives bubbles in the bath and lathers well in the shower.  It has a lovely scent which is very like cranberry sauce and not artificial smelling and more importantly, the scent actually lingers a while which I was quite impressed with.  I possibly would repurchase this especially if they made a gift set with this and a matching scented candle! Yum!

And the most exciting item 'til last... Sure Ultra Dry Anti-Perspirant.  Now, I'm not the sweatiest of Betties, especially not in winter time in Aberdeen but this claims to work for 48 hours, which quite frankly is a bit silly.  It's very rare that a woman will go 48 hours without a wash of some sort and it just seems like such a pointless claim, that aside, it gets me through my working day and my walks to and from work well enough.  The first handful or so times I used this, I really thought I was going to othrow it in the bin as the spray pretty much turned white and fell off where I sprayed it, to the extent that it looked like my underarms were snowing.  I was a bit worried the cats were going to sniff this white aerosol powder and do themselves a mischief, not ideal!  If you buy this, make sure you give it a really good shake the first wee while to avoid the dreaded white marks.


Thats all for now!

Do you have anything you are dying to go out and repurchase?