Friday, 10 January 2014

Organised Chaos...

This week, I am trying to clean out our flat and organise all our cupboards and drawers but it is not quite going to plan - I am far too easily distracted! 

One thing I did spot on my second trip to B&Q today was a set of storage drawers which I bought last year and actually found really handy.  I have only ever seen them around this time of year in the shop so not sure if it's seasonal but if your looking for some storage that won't break the bank, this could be what you are looking for. 

For under £20, I have definitely put my set to good use.

In the top drawer, I store hair brushes, combs, hair bobbles and a few other bits.

In the middle drawer, I keep my haircare products such as serums, oils, leave-in co diopter, sectioning clips and Kirby grips.  I say I keep my Kirby grips there but I also keep them in the bedroom, bathroom, work bag, the boys dressing gown pockets...when I round them up though, this is where they live! 

In the bottom, big drawer is where the big guns live.  My hair dryer, ghd's and curling wand fit in this drawer perfectly.  

I think these are made by the 'Really Useful Box' company and true to their name, they are really useful! I couldn't find them on the B&Q website but there were loads of this colour scheme in store.  Alternatively, you could customise your own set, complete with stationary insert top, here

How do you store all your hair and beauty bits?